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    15 Affiliate Newsletter - November 2003
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    Hello to all our new affiliates that have joined us since we went live on Shareasale last month! We have put together this short newsletter to keep you all in the loop of what we have going on currently, and also some of our plans for the future of our program. As always, you can reach me via my email address above, or by posting in the main Shareasale topic at ABW.

    Off to a great start
    Things have been progressing very well so far, with our program already earning a solid five dollar sign ($$$$$) ranking at Shareasale both last month and this month. Most of our affiliates that have produced sales so far have been seeing a conversion rate better than 1%, and combined with our huge commissions (16% on average order sizes well over $100) the EPC has been outstanding.

    Performance tip
    The very best performers so far seem to be affiliates that have constructed special text links highlighting our special deals. Web visitors who are made aware of these specials before coming to are much more likely to hang around, shop, and potentially buy something. We are planning to maintain the current specials structure through at least November, and will send out a brief note to everyone if we make any big changes.

    You can view our specials by simply visiting our homepage at

    New coupon
    We have now added a special 10% off coupon for new customers only. The code is simply "newcustomerten".

    Datafeed now available
    An initial datafeed from us with pretty much all of our most popular products is now available at Shareasale. Please let us know if you spot any problems, or have tips on how it can be improved. If you want to know what are absolutely the very best selling items, those are the most expensive Dry Aged and USDA Prime items. Although, keep in mind this may vary depending on the particular visitors you have at your site.

    Get started
    It seems that the majority of affiliates who have joined our program have not yet gotten even a basic set of links up to promote us. You can't score these big commissions if you don't get started! :-) Drop me a note if you feel our program is lacking something that is preventing you from getting started with us.

    Christmas is near
    Finally, I will point out that from about next week up until the week of Christmas is by far the biggest spike in orders for our products. We are going to do our best to keep everything in stock, but there is a real chance we will run out of stock on the Dry Aged items which we have to order 3 weeks in advance so they can be aged properly.

    If we do run into serious out of stock conditions on those, our plan is to heavily promote our normally-aged USDA Prime products which we can get in stock overnight. In such a case, we will send out a note to let everyone know that they might need to drop any Dry Aged links to us temporarily.

    What's next?
    We like to hear from you all on what else you would like to see from us. We are considering things like making some Full Page Creative (FPC) html for you, or perhaps licensing some software that would let you easily construct web pages based on our datafeed. Drop me a note or post at ABW with your thoughts.

    Brian - Affiliate Manager
    Our shareasale offer

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    Kudos on getting the datafeed up. We're looking forward to it!

    Karl Smith
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