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    The merchants that have product links at SAS. The code is functional but bloated or poor structure like center table font *text* /table /center /font , etc

    I add a small showcase I end up having to prune out all that stuff.. usually I end up making my own tables and taking just the links.. but that still requires sifting through it all.

    Is it possible to have the merchants or whatever adds the product links to NOT include the markup that dictates alignment and appearance such as center,font,br, etc

    Maybe the product level links are just an afterthought and I'm the only one who uses them? One merchant I noticed the jpg's were actually bmp files with jpg extension and were over 200KB in size! Very bad for a dial up user to have to download over a megabyte for an 8 product showcase

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    January 18th, 2005
    There are a lot of problems with the product links/datafeeds I've seen so far.

    I keep hoping (perhaps naively) that things will improve as we sell more.

    But then I look at my conversions and wonder.

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    You can add, edit, delete whatever you want from the HTML as long as you keep the product link intact. The HTML provided just gives people some ideas, etc...

    If you use the download of the .csv, or if you are a Premier member and utilize the .xml real time feed, you have basically unlimited flexibility in the way you want the products to display.


    -Brian Littleton

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