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    I'm sorry to bother you all and hope my post is appropriate for this forum. If not, could the administrator please remove it? I am a web business owner and thinking of joining SAS. I just don't know much about them and if after depositing my money if I would even get any affiliates to join my program. I don't think I can give my website address here, but I can tell you a little about my site and if you could give me feedback as to my chances of getting affiliates it would be very appreciated. :

    My business is in the category of internet services or business advertising. We add new websites to search engines to produce website traffic for them. Our top selling service is $99 and we would offer affiliates 25% on sales of this and our 2 other plans. We have been online since 1996 and are yet to have to offer a refund. We take such special care of clients that we've never had to. 95% of our clients use our $99 service which would be a $25 affilate credit for you. Given our market area and our price/affiliate %, do you feel that we can get some affiliates to pick up our program? Open for questions, comments, or any other form of feedback I can get. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read this far...

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    unfortunately for you many of us do this on our own. SEO optimization are us. You also will have to fight the negativity brought on by the email spammers offering, supposedly, the same thing.

    But, hey, you never know . . . others here may post some input for you . . .

    Incidentally, SAS is a reputable company and respected by many of us.

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    Thank you Herb. I know you and most of the affiliates here are self sufficient in the area of web site promotion. Our clients tend to be those who know little or nothing about this area. We help them some with their meta tags, and make sure they get into the engines. Our service is hard to market and you hit the nail on the head... spammers and false claims hurt our chances. Thanks for your input.

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    >Our clients tend to be those who know little or nothing about this area.

    That may be why you can advertise that v12.0 can get you in "Kanoodle, and Overture to name a few." for "Only $99.99"

    That may be true BUT how long will 75% [after paying an affiliate] of that fee keep them in a PPC ?

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