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    I am considering signing sup as a merchant but have a few questions..

    1] How are chargebacks handled?

    2] I keep reading the word "parasites" and must admit I am ignorant here. What does that mean?

    3] Our services we will be pushing is specifically Massachusetts-oriented. Do you offer subsetting by region or would it just be lumped into Business Marketing?


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    1. if an order is not valid - the commission on that order can be voided prior to the payment date, which is the 20th of the following month.

    i.e., transaction goes in Oct 14th, it is paid on Nov 20th.

    2. you can read - but should also know that "software affiliates" are not allowed on - so there is less to worry about there.

    3. No, but you can approve/decline any affiliates you wish - so you can choose to partner with affiliates who are targeted towards your market...


    -Brian Littleton

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