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    I realize that we are barely past Christmas, but Valentine's Day will be here before you know it, and NOW is the time to start promoting our brand new Valentine styles and products.

    To help with Valentine's promotions, we have uploaded four new animated banners in a variety of sizes (468x60, 234x60, 125x125 and 120x240). We have also implemented an AFFILIATE-ONLY coupon, which is displayed on the banners. The coupon is good for 10% off of the ENTIRE ORDER, and may be used an UNLIMITED number of times, but expires on 12 Feb 2004 (which is the LAST DAY to place orders for Valentine's Day delivery).

    We have also uploaded a new datafeed to Shareasale with our new styles. Some of the holiday styles have been discontinued, but many have been kept on, and reassigned to new categories.

    Finally, we have received a lot of feedback and helpful suggestions regarding our site, and we have listened, and implemented some changes that are designed to help our affiliates increase their conversion rates. The most important (and so far, most effective) changes are:

    1) We redesigned our home page to feature more new items;
    2) We changed the site layout to speed up page load times;
    3) We implemented some new anti-fraud measures in our shopping cart to screen out more fraudulent orders up front, and reduce chargebacks;
    4) We added better error handling to our shopping cart so that, instead of seeing an error page, visitors who click through from an old link for a product that has been discontinued will be redirected to the storefront so that they can make an alternate selection (affiliate links are still tracked).
    5) We made some changes to our web server and shopping cart so that product links are much more search engine friendly.

    Hopefully, these changes will add up to more sales and more commissions for our affiliates!

    We hope your Holidays were happy, and your New Year will be PROSPEROUS!


    Larry Hiscock

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    Originally posted by
    ... NOW is the time to start promoting our brand new Valentine styles ...



    The secret of success is constancy of purpose. ~ Disraeli

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    Cripes! I just put your products up before Christmas and now almost of the products are gone! I don't plan on updating the pages for your site every month!!

    Give me a list of the products you plan to have on a more or less permanant basis, PLEASE!

    Mr.Merchant, if you do business in any way what-so-ever with parasites, your products will not be sold on my sites!!

    Farewell, CJ! I loved you when you were young and pure. I will try to remember you that way. Disclaimer: Comments are to be interpreted as opinion unless otherwise noted.

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    Unfortunately, it's the nature of our business -- styles change constantly in the fashion industry. Some of our manufacturers replace as much as 50% of their styles annually, so few of our products can be considered "permanent".

    Here is a breakdown of our seasons, and when items are likely to change:

    January - New misses line catalog is issued. Many of the current styles will be discontinued, and many new styles will be introduced.

    April - New plus-size line catalog is issued. Same situation with new/discontinued styles.

    May - New seductive line catalog is issued. Same situation with new/discontinued styles.

    NOTE: Once the above major line catalogs are issued, those styles will pretty much be available until the following year.

    July/August - New costume line flyer is issued. Costume styles are mostly seasonal. While some costumes are available year round, many are only available between July and October.

    September/October - New holiday line flyer is issued. Same situation as costumes. Some styles are available year round, but many are seasonal.

    December - New Valentine flyer is issued. Same situation as costumes and holiday styles. Some styles remain available year round, many are seasonal.

    We typically begin promoting the seasonal items (costumes, holiday and valentines) approximately 6-8 weeks prior to the actual holiday, but some styles are VERY popular, and sell out at the manufacturer quickly.

    We also bring on new lines on occasion. For example, this year we introduced the new Gyz line of men's wear, and we will be introducing a new junior line soon.

    Our other categories (body adornments, Shunga, romance kits, etc) are somewhat more static, although we are constantly searching for new products to fill out these categories.

    Hope this helps.


    Larry Hiscock

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