We've just launched a new target-based, long-term, bonus campaign for Left on Main. It’s a very fair system that ensures everyone that participates can win.

The bonus campaign runs from Feb. 1st 2004 to Dec. 31st 2004, and is cumulative. Every time your sales reach a target, simply send me an email and tell me you hit the target, and we’ll give you an instant cash bonus into your payment for that month.

Because the campaign is based on total orders and is cumulative, if you reach 3 orders you will get the $10 instant bonus, and you only need 7 more orders, or a total of 10 orders, to reach the next bonus level of another $15.

If you reach a total of 250 orders in 2004, you will have earnt the commission and over $675 in total bonuses for the year. There is no limit to the number of bonus winners or the speed at which you hit each bonus, therefore, whether it takes 10 days or 10 months to get to 3 orders, you’ll still get the bonus.

Here’s a breakdown of the Left on Main Bonus Campaign 2004:

Get 3 sales = $10 bonus
Get 10 sales = $15 bonus
Get 25 sales = $25 bonus
Get 50 sales = $50 bonus
Get 100 sales = $100 bonus
Get 150 sales = $150 bonus
Get 250 sales = $325 bonus

Easy as can be.

Please remember that to claim a bonus, you must email me (Allen.Miller AT LeftonMain DOT Com )

On a final note the Left on Main Free Fast Launch Template is now available so please email me for a free template site if you would like one.

Thank you and good selling,


Allen Miller
Allen.Miller AT LeftonMain DOT Com

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