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    To my delight, I checked my stats on 2/8 and there was my very first (money making) sale with SAS!

    To my disappointment, I check my stats today, and the transaction has been voided.

    I know this merchants industry will have cancelled trasactions, but I had a $0.00 order back on 12/23 from this merchant with of course, $0 commission. I won't mention the merchants name, but how in the hell can you have a $0 car rental?

    OK. I feel better now, I just had to rant.


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    Some merchants at SAS will register a sale as zero or a few cents until thay manually upload the transaction later on.

    If you are unsure if the merchant in question does this, contact SAS or the merchant.


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    I have shown some car rentals and hotel reservations since dec. on an account also. The Terms outlined that they would show $0 until the reservation was actually fulfilled.

    I'm guessing if people go back and find better rates they cancel the reservation and the transaction gets voided.

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