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    We have been using Shareasale for almost 2 years, but have just recently found the time to dedicate to really getting our program off the ground. Towards that end, we have completed a data feed on sharesale, which includes our 100 best selling products (we sell gift baskets, cookies, and other gourmet food items). We have also increased our sales commission to 13%. Finally, we are implementing a quarterly bonus program of an additional 3% for affiliate sales over $5,000 per quarter.

    You will find us under Gifts on the shareasale site (Merchant ID: 2179).

    Bill Smith
    All About Gifts & Baskets

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    Sounds great!
    Check your PM's please.

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    wdillsmith, Please check your private messages. I sent you a PM.


    ---------------------------- - Merchants - Give your affiliates your datafeed outside the networks, without cost to the affiliate. Check out for more information. - Featuring datafeed import scripts for Backcountry Store, Coldwater Creek, and many more.....

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    chet and chris - he just signed on - only 2 posts - can't get PMs.

    and chet - if he signs up with you, lemme know - i'll re-apply

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    Actually, I've been a member for quite some time, including when I posted the original message here in March 2004. The ABW profile isn't always accurate. I do appreciate, though, how you are looking out for all the affiliates at sharesale by making sure you bash my company whenever you can. Why, this thread was only 15 months old, but you managed to dig it up and revive it. Nice work! I can't wait for your blog.

    You're right that I had only 2 posts. I try to only post when I have something useful to say. Also, as you've helped everyone here understand, I'm busy, and so are the people who work at my company. You see, in just 3 years, we have grown to be one of 10 largest gift basket companies in the United States. We're also one of the 10 fastest growing. That means that we don't always get everything done as quickly as we'd like, especially during busy times of the year.

    In my spare time, I have another company that has advertising websites that include both paid and, yes, affiliate advertising. So I do understand what it is like to be an affiliate.

    Your opinions about my company are well documented here by now. Perhaps we can leave the rest to make up their own minds. I wonder if you'll let me have the last word in defense? On the off chance that you do respond, I'm sure you'll understand if I don't post a reply.


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