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    Is it me or there must be an error in the system. One of CJ merchants has a $4,800.00 3 Month EPC. Has anyone seen higher figure ?

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    How much does this merchant pay?

    Assume there was only 1 clickthru (highly unlikely). For a total of 1 click, it would take a $48 commission to result in $48/(.01 HUNDRED CLICKS) = $4800 per hundred clicks.

    If they don't pay at least $48 on a single sale or lead, then this $4800 EPC is impossible to achieve and you have mathematically proved this is an error.

    I have seen my EPC's very high for the very short term. I join a new program, get lucky and make a sale on the first click or two, and see a super high EPC for a short time until more clicks are recorded.
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