We sent the below newsletter and had many bounced emails so I thought I should also post it here. Please check the email address you have with SAS if you are a affiliate of ours and did not get this. We never spam.



First off don’t worry!!! We only removed about 20 items. Even if you have those 20 items on your site, your links will still land surfers on our front page and you will still get credit if they buy something. Remember the more items we have the better that chances of buyers finding something they like. We added over 160 items!!

We are also going to be adding about 100 new adult toys sometime next month. We will not be removing any more items until November when the leather line-up changes. So you can pretty much use this data feed all year and not change a thing if you don’t want the other adult toys on your site.

The PSC has been updated to show the changes at: http://psc.afftools.com/dimout/creator.pl

We have also up-dated the database at SAS. Please log into your SAS account to get the database from them.

We know many of you that do not like the SAS data feed have been using our in-house feed because it has better categories. Here is the link to that feed and the instructions on editing it:

As you also know we will edit it for you if you give us your SAS affiliate id.

Now the sales part from here down. The last paragraph is a contest!!

We are very happy with our new line up. We have added many plus size items and are looking at that market as our largest emerging market this year. Last year we spent a lot of time getting the leather off the ground and can now say that leather was 38% of last years sales. Looks like it worked. We want to do the same thing this year with the plus size market.

We also launched the shoe site last year. Many of you just promote the shoes but you may be missing out now with our new club clothes, sun wear, and leather clothing. You may want to take a look at the softer side of DimOut. :~)

We are also looking at changing carts this summer. The cart we are looking at should help break that 2 item per (average) order barrier. We have been hovering around that for far to long and want to see it at 3 items per (average) order by the end of this year.

Last month our affiliate program accounted for about 25% of our total sales. This has helped us to grow faster and as long as you guys keep sending the sales we will continue to grow into the best lingerie program online.

The affiliate program has been the best advertising money we have ever spent and we are dedicated to our affiliates and helping them grow. Some of the higher up active affiliates will be getting another email in the next few days with some more info on something we are going to do special for you.

We are also going to have a little contest!! We want new banners for the shoe site and lingerie site. All total we would like 10 for the shoe site and 10 more for the lingerie site. You guys can submit them by emailing them to us. We will pay you $25.00 for each banner of yours we use. The deadline for this contest is 4-15-04 so get making them. You can win all 20 spots also, that would be a $500.00 prize if you pull that off. Remember we want all standard shapes and sizes so DONT submit 20 banners all the same size and think you have a slam dunk $500.00.

Thanks for you help and support.
Bob Rawley

PS: I want to really thank the 2 affiliates that helped me put the in-house data feed with the better categories together.

Bob Rawley
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