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    I just started an affiliate program through ShareASale for
    I wanted to invite comments from other merchants re experience with freebie and incentive type sites.
    Almost every one of the affiliates that have so far signed up are freebie sites or some stripe of incentive type site.
    The freebies I'm pretty comfortable with since I offer links to a free ebook, however the incentive sites have me wondering a bit. I'm offering a payout per free trial on my side, new trials are required to input their credit info. I guess I'm just wondering how these sites plan to use mine. I will of course ask them individually, but I wasn't really expecting this type of traffic and wanted comments from other users (and affiliates please)


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    4,597 welcome to abw, I can help you I used to be a merchant at shareasale for a freebies site, I had some success and my affiliates did get paid pretty good, but It ended up being a hassle, just didn't have the time to update my site and I wasn't too smart when I noticed that some not all incentive sites started premoting on adult sites, popups and stuff and those adult sites that redirect using popups for per click merchants drained my account and had to leave shareasale. I know couple reliable incentive sites that did well and converted great. however I would send them a letter saying you do not allow incentive sites. except give permission for those incentives that convert good to premote you. If you want send me a message and I'll give you couple incentive sites that is reliable. Most of the incentives are known to spam, and redirect per click merchants using popups which is illegal and against shareasales terms of service. Which I caught :0) and reported to shareasale. those affiliates are worthless. Send me a private message if you want, and I will be able to help you.

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    sued for their actions.. be careful you could be the next innocent victim.

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