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    This Costa Rica-based company claims that you get $1.00 for each rejected loan application, $2.00 for each "preapproved" application, and $20.00 for each "approved" application. As a result of this scheme, they keep sending us $1.00 or $2.00, from time to time, and we never see the $20.00 per approved application. Obviously, we have no way of knowing what thay are doing. Are we catering to crooks again?


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    I never -ever promote any lead merchant in the financial sector that isn't a household name...period. My shoppers privacy info isn't for sale to some Adwhore front organization of info peddlers.
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    What are some good PayPerLead programs...?

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    This is only my opinion, take it for what it is worth:
    Any company that relies on making loans to people who are down on their luck, loans with ridiculous terms, loans only designed to get their customers even further in debt and in trouble, can't be trusted.
    If someone is in financial trouble and you offer to loan them $300 for 30 days at a total cost of $40 - $50, how much of a favor are you really doing them? This is loansharking in my opinion and is best left to the mafia.
    This company has an AM who frequents this board and seems to be good at his job. My opinion is not a reflection of the AM, it is a reflection of a company that exploits people who are in need and have no other options.

    I would not spend five minutes promoting a company of this nature.

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