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    January 17th, 2005
    Hi all, I've been eagerly reading this forum the past few weeks while working on my graphics, and just activated today.

    I keep reading about "creatives," and have gathered that those are graphics/links and or text/links that are somehow NOT banners.

    Can someone please post one or more urls or examples of such "creatives," and spell out what that means? Perhaps it means different things to different affiliates .... I have uploaded lots of banners in the traditional sizes, but nothing in the way of text or a "creative." I want to be sure I'm providing all marketing options for "yins guys" as they say here in Pittsubrgh!

    And one last question I have is, how do merchants get listed in more than one category on SaS? I see several merchants listed in more than one section, but I thought we could only pick one category?

    Thanks so much from a newbie!

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    January 18th, 2005
    Hi Amy
    A creative is just a banner that features a product or a sale item or a different size. its just affiliate marketing "lingo" word for the word banner. btw text creatives are better for sales you might want to make some up. I just joined your program and cant wait to make some sales i have tennis pages up right now with no merchants just traffic.

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    January 17th, 2005
    Very Cool Vinny ... I'll look for your app in my inbox at work tomorrow and can't wait to see your tennis pages. I love anything and all things tennis!

    Pardon my ignorance, but I don't have a very good handle on what would make a good text creative. What, for instance, would appeal to you? What should it look like? I would love to look at some examples .... thanks!

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    January 18th, 2005
    Hello Amy,

    Welcome to the ABW forum board!

    I'm not an expert in Tennis equiptment by no means ... but here's a few real quick examples of 'text creatives' I created from just your main index page for rough examples.

    1. USTA and Tennis Teams across the country — we know you're forming and we have your tennis team uniform needs in stock! TennisHut has more mix and match tennis skirts and tennis tops than you'll find anywhere else in sizes ranging from XS/2-4 - XXL/22. Click here for more info.

    2. Looking for the hottest new colors in tennis skirts and tennis tops .. then click here!

    3. Tennis Shorts have just arrived! Made from silky Micro-Tek™ performance fabric that In-Between is famous for. Click here for more info!

    4. Stay warm and dry with In-Between's Tennis Court Leggings. Double-ball pocket leggings are made in Micro-Tek™ fabric to wick away sweat and keep you comfortable during winter play. Click here for more info.

    5. Complete your tennis outfit with a pair of whimsical tennis theme socks by K. Bell - more whimsical styles to choose from than ever before! Click here for more info.

    Hope that gives you a rough idea how to create effective 'text creatives' directly related to your site.
    Ray Thomas
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    January 17th, 2005
    You rock Ray -- I can't thank you enough for spelling this out for me. Question, how often do you (and perhaps most affiliates in general)use this type of creative versus graphic ads? Just curious ... I will get to work!

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    Hi Amy,
    I offer what is known as a "link site" which is really a shopping mall without any drawing card other than the stores themselves. The majority of successful sites offer a draw of interest, such as "tennis tips and news", and therefore that would be a natural source for you.
    The "themed" sites draw well from the text ads as they speak on a subject of interest to their visitors yet do not look so much like an internet "commercial".

    I have several sports specialty malls, one specifically to golf stores, one for watersports, a ski and board site and one generally sports related. Since I am only speaking to those out there who are specifically shoppers, I'll see far less tennis customers than a tennis enthusiast site will, but if a tennis equipment shopper is referred to my site by a search engine, I have the advantage of a genuine shopping customer.
    I understand the power of text links and use them
    from time-to-time, but only when the text strikes me as something that will grab the customers fancy. I would use a lingerie site as an example that uses the text, "it's too late to shop after the lights go out!" Even this sort of corny line will generate mucho clicks from those specifically interested in that product.
    Since my click comes from a shopper, I need to offer more glitz than subtle phrases.
    Perhaps I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know but that is how I see our special world.
    Moonbeam Mega Mall

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    Much appreciation for your point of view Terrie.

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