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    Do you do any type of monthly reminder about participating in this forum to the [edited out number - not public info] SAS affiliates? Would seem like a great idea to have a regular monthly mention about its existence, and some topic threads.

    Hey, more content for:

    heh, heh.

    Anyway, would just love to see SAS board become even more buzzing with ideas, and other SAS merchants and affiliates.

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    As a merchant, I do not believe Shareasale has a monthly reminder about this forum. Merchants are given information about this forum when they sign up with Shareasale.
    Currently the "affiliate side" of the Shareasale tools has a link to this forum (at the top of the "Affiliate Home" Page. However, the "merchant side" of the Shareasale tools does not seem to have this. It may be worth adding a similar link to the Shareasale "Merchant Home" Page.

    Just an idea...
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