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    I have been extremely happy with the sign up of affiliates since my sign up at share-a-sale a few short weeks ago.

    I used to be an affiliate and understand that it takes time to put up links, banners, content, I am not surprised that the product I am moving is from traffic that are generated from search engines and not from affiliates yet...

    Since my goal is to be 100% affiliate friendly, I have thought of another idea to help motivate you affiliates!

    Besides getting a free Diver watch worth $329 US after selling ten of them...I even thought of another idea!

    I am running this idea by all of you, before I go ahead as I think your opinions are the best:

    I am going to create a coupon page that states this: Instructions how to use the coupon code (Very Simple)
    and since I only want affiliates to use and benefit from the coupons, I can send the traffic I get to a dedicated page on your site that has my coupon code! In other words they only get these coupons from you! I can write something that coupons are available at our partner sites, etc.

    Theres a number of ways we can do this: I list all affiliate sites on my coupon page at first and try to get everyone some commission.......Then remove people that are not bringing in much traffic.......Maybe have top five affiliate sites etc. Maybe have only the top affiliate show up on that page...But As an affiliate I didn't like competition.....As a merchant I do.....but I want to be fair.

    Remember this is a brainstorm! I can see many people saying that they don't want other affiliates seeing their sites......So I can have this statement on our coupon page instead: If you need a 10% coupon, simply email us and we will send you a link with the coupon code.... I can make these links be affiliate links. I can rotate these links throughout my affiliate database so even non producers can get something.....

    You guys are going to tell me if I am nuts or not! I already know I am......But as I said before I will always be an affiliate at heart...

    Lets not kid ourselves either...I would give away free money to you like this as incentive so you can get our affiliate program off the ground and start bringing in traffic......There is always a reason for merchant incentives, and money is the name of the game.

    Let me know what you think....Make my idea better, etc! I never proceed with ideas until I run it by my affiliate friends and merchant friends here at ABW!

    Cheers, (Always Kissing The Butts of Affiliates)
    ARA Master Watchmaker & Sons

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    "I list all affiliate sites on my coupon page at first and try to get everyone some commission......."

    No, never list your affiliates sites anywhere. Coupon sites or non-coupon sites. You could make a post in the coupon forum here. There are a lot of affiliates that just lurk and might see it and post it.

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    Thanks Trust!

    You are very kind and knowledgeable. You are a true veteran.

    Richard Lupu
    ARA Master Watchmaker & Sons

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