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    January 17th, 2005
    Well, Bellacor has managed to really upset me. I recived an email from them today stateing that they will not allow affiliates to big on their trademarked name on PPC. Fine, I can deal with this...

    The letter went on to read their trademarked name could not be used for search engine rankings or optimization purposes. They have got to be freaken kidding me!

    If they provide a datafeed w/ their trademarked name in it, and I use that feed to build a site, and I do better in the search engines for their own word, then I get penalised?! They mentioned NOT paying for sales from publishers that do not abbide by their policies, and 24 hours to reform or be kicked out of their program!

    Absolutely not! As a publisher, I do everything I can to get the merchants items in front of willing eyes. If I do a good job of that, then good for me. I should get paid! To read a letter that I should de-tune my web sites for their trademarked products had me in an uproar.

    Bellacor is the one providing the feed w/ their copyrighted terms. They should remove these items from their feed, if they don't want people marketing them. Also, I have no control over how or where Google ranks my site. If through decent SEO, I rank well, then I should get the sale. I told this to their affiliate manager...

    I am considering dropping them all together. I was affended at the tone of the email, and the 0% commissions on sales. What's the point in working to promote a merchants products, if you're not going to get paid when a sale is made. To think they want to tie my hands and feet, and criple my site to do less well in the organic listings is a joke. I don't promote merchants at 50%...


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    January 18th, 2005
    Well, since they do business with every pirate
    in the internet world... I’m surprised you make
    any money at all with these guys...

    They’re proud members of ebates, not just coupon only...
    but 6% straight up... and then there’s their membership with
    schoolpop, upromise, e2give, igive, and who knows how
    many others...? My guess is that there are many others...

    They’re getting so much business from the parasites now...
    that they feel that they don’t need you or me or any of the
    independents anymore...

    My humble opinion...?
    You should go to Share-A-Sale and find a different
    home oriented merchant and forget these guys...

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    Do this to their program and links

    That's my opinion.
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    Maybe since you are a Bellacor affiliate, why not report to the affilaite manager that thinks you are doing so wrong; that Ebates, etc takes commissions when a customer puts in their trademark "" or anytime someone searches for bellacor and clicks on the real Bellacor link?

    You as an honest affiliate can start the topic of discussion on how Bellacor is cheating affiliates like yourself by allowing BHO operatives to grab comissions from links off your site.

    That's the Poop for the day.
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    I agree totally!

    I'd be very likely to optimize pages for their competition, and see how they like looking at *that* in the SEs instead of the current results!

    Oh and it goes without saying that my cursor would be electromagnetically attracted to the EXPIRE button for Bellacor's program.
    There is no knowledge that is not power. ~Hemingway

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    I agree with the thought that this is best handled by promoting their competition - and telling them that you are. Tell them when they see your listings promoting their competition in the SEs ranked higher than their own site, they need to remember this was the result of their idiotic thinking and policy that did it.

    If a merchant sells Blue Widgets, but doesn't want affiliates using the terms "blue" or "widget" on thier pages, it's only because they don't want to pay commissions, they just want free advertising. It sounds like Bellacor really isn't paying commissions, so you're better off with their competition.


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    Generally don't post on the CJ forum as I have no CJ clients 'yet', but just wanted to correct this comment...

    They’re getting so much business from the parasites now

    It ought to read

    They’re getting so much business which they 'incorrectly percieve' to be coming from the parasites....


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