Hello Everyone,
We have alot of emails from people asking us technical watch questions so we decided to put a link up to our own watch forum.

This forum is not to replace ABW by no means! It is meant for watch enthusiasts to go there and hangout to discuss our products or various watch topics.

I believe it may help develop a bigger customer base as people will be coming by my site more often.....and we can talk, give advice and recommend things to customers. The master watchmaker will also respond to questions....If we develop a community and trust with user members, we should be able to get multiple sales over a long period of time.

We are also going to be adding watch tools to our web site soon which should draw up discussions.

Anybody is welcome to register at the forum, and if you guys become watch experts from selling our products, you can drop by and answer questions as well.

Any thoughts on our new Forum????????????

Always thinking of new ideas!

Richard Lupu