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    I just had to share this with the ABestWeb community.

    Here's my original message to Lizabeth Sorensen, AM at
    I'd love to promote your site more but you have so few graphical links and that's what I need.

    Specifically some vertical links are what I'd like. I think I could get some sales with the right links.

    Lizabeth's initial response was:
    So glad you contacted me I can try to get you whatever you need. Do you
    have certain products in mind? If you can send me a list I can make you
    some starting first thing tomorrow morning.

    Please let me know exactly what you are thinking about.

    Shortly thereafter I got this:
    Hi Mike

    If you get a chance to send over the links you would like today that
    would be great. I am expecting my first child any minute and would like
    to get this done for you before I am out for the week or so that I will
    be after she is born.

    I ask you is that great support or what?

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    I've met Liz in person and she's very, very nice. She's really passionate about being an AM and making things work for the merchants she represents and their affiliates.

    Now if she'd just postpone having the baby until *after* she gets the products for Candy Crate uploaded to SAS I'd just be so darned happy!

    j/k Liz, you'll have plenty of time to do that between diaper changes and feedings at 3 month!

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    Thank You both for your kind words!

    I have submitted both of your thoughts to the team at CandyCrate and the site owner and he is working on allocating the resources to accomodate new creative and datafeeds.

    Many affiliates are doing well right now making do with the links and offers that are currently available so please try those in the mean time.
    Lizabeth Sorensen
    Affiliate Program Consultant
    518-233-7431 EST.

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