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    January 17th, 2005

    Well it has been sometime in the works but we have finally finished it.

    We are now offering free hosting to all of our affiliates. This is real hosting with everything you need. You can even use your own domain name.

    You can also use a sub-domain from one of the key-word rich domains we have. I think we have 15 or so listed now to pick sub-domains from but we will have more latter.

    To read more about it please go to:

    We have also made a recruiting page at we will try to keep up with that page in time with the latest things going on with the program but for now it will just have to sit because we want to get the hosting off the ground first. (haiko and Brian, If you give me a logo of yours I will use it to link to your sites instead of the text link.)

    I built both of the above sites in about 6 hours and that included installing the forum script for the hosting support so please let me know about any typos. They are yelling at me now to get back to work on the real sites. (They will get over it.)

    We have added a clearance lingerie section and should have the clearance shoe section finished this week. The items in those sections will change about every week so we will not be including them in the data feeds.

    We have some other BIG changes to come soon. And we will keep you posted.

    We are only offering this to current affiliates and members of ABW for the first few month to get it off the ground. This will be the only public posting about it. We will not be adding this to our SAS advertisement page until we have it running smooth with the people we have now.

    Thanks for your time.

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    January 17th, 2005
    I just wanted to post that we are running out of room on this server fast!!

    We still have SOME room but we will not have another server on-line until Monday. (We just cant get them set up on a weekend.)

    Please keep signing up so we know what we will need to get set-up Monday. We will keep setting you guys up until this server is full.

    We are trying to be careful with each server until we know what the sites are pulling as far as system resources. Whatever we do we don't want to overload the servers. (We want the sites to run fast!!! and so do you..)

    Sorry if any of you get delayed.

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