I will be on Vacation starting Friday 7-16 until Saturday 7-24. I will also be in and out all day tomorrow. I will be answering emails in the morning and the evening during this time. You will not be getting the fast answers you are used to and I'm sorry about that but I need a vacation too. I will not be reading post in this forum during this time so the best way to get me is by email.

We are still working on the typos for the new 800 items and we should have that worked out next week. I have to build the datafeed though so that will not be sent to SAS until I get back. We will send a news letter and post here after the datafeed has been updated. We are also going to break up the datafeed better than we do now to make it easier for you guys to strip the items you do not want on your site out.

We are already doing pretty well with the Bachelorette Party section we added. I have great #'s for the other sections also but I don't want to post them until I have more time to study them. I know you guys are going to be VERY surprised at what I am seeing.

Thanks all.