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    January 17th, 2005
    Please offer your brief comments on TradeMark Express web site and
    our Shareasale affiliate program. We have 71
    affiliates with no sales over the past 4 months! We are offering $25 a sale. What are we doing wrong? Thanks!!

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    far far away....
    YOur program is a service that almost every business owner needw, especialy webmasters...

    the problem most business owners don't know they need your service, because of inexperience....

    the problem with your affiliate program is it's niche is business setup/ownership hence the small number of affiliates.

    It is a program that the is an good complement to how to business sites...

    most of these types of sites have would be gurus as owners of the very websites you want to partner with.

    these very same webmasters dont realize the importance of your service...

    I dont think there is anything you are doing wrong, but rather what your affiliates are not doing right.

    I dont think there is any easy anwser to your problem ... other the to continue as you have been doing...

    that's my2cents, 'cuz I'm a legend in my own mind....

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    Hello Chris,

    I sent you an email with a couple of things I noted that would make your affiliate program more affiliate friendly.

    All in all ... the service offering looks good .. you just need to use the SSAID technology to monitor affiliates ID# for the toll free number and form submissions.
    Ray Thomas
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    From a customer standpoint (I went through the trademark process last year):

    1) Many people interested in filing a trademark (and not knowing the process) just want to order a Trademark Application Preparation. They just want to file their trademark and order the search as part of the filing process. I would make that a featured item on the homepage and ordering page.

    2) Your secure ordering page might scare some customers away because you have non-secure images on that page, so it pops open an alert box that says "This page contains secure & NON-secure items, do you want to display the NON-secure items".

    Many new customers might not know what that means, and might think that your online form is insecure, and they won't want to make their purchase online.

    This would cause them to use the 800# or local number to place the order and the affiliate would lose the sale (See Ray's comments). It might also cause you to lose the sale if they feel your business isn't a secure one in general.

    Looks like it is the LivePerson Chat icons that are causing the problem on the secure page.

    While on the Order page, the Live Chat operator chimed in and asked if I'd like to place the order directly with them, this would also make an affiliate lose a sale.

    3) When a person goes to the SERVICES page, the main services that they may be interested in don't have any links to ORDER that service or get more information. I also think the services page should be linked to more prominently on the main page.

    A person should be able to click a link to purchase a TradeMark Application right from that services page (and then be informed that a TradeMark search is part of the Trademark Application process).

    I have a good market of potential customers that I could send your way. I can see how those issues would stop me (as an affiliate) from earning money with your program.

    Hope this helps

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    I don't have much time right now to delve in to this, but I just tried three times to get to your site and got it on the thrid try. the first two times I got the "unavailable" message. I would contact your host and make sure everything is OK on their side.
    Also, the automatic chat window will most likely scare some people away. It is good and bad at the same time, but would no doubt scare someone who is new to the web and not familiar with liverperson.


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    I have 2 cents as well....

    First, I have always beleived that your first message is to be upbeat and to give your customer to act right now. I would be more inclined to head my page with your "Live the dream..." slogan.

    @nd cent: As an affiliate I am always leary of merchants who offer alternative routes. I am the one who put that customer in your store and am offended if you offer my customer an avenue around my commission. That also goes for the merchants who direct mail my customers without including my affiliate code, effectively stealing them. When I see such merchant activity I lose all enthusiasm for promoting their site or product.
    Moonbeam Mega Mall

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