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    1. Datafeeds:
    - if merchant change something in datafeed for some product (price), that ptoduct have same ProductID? I ask you this question because I want use datafeeds on my site and I write PHP script for that and I want know how I can update products price and how I can add new products (only new from datafeed)...

    2. Top 5 merchants:
    - your top 5 merchants on SAS? I want use SAS merchants on my site but I don`t know who merchant is quality merchant...please somebody help me

    3. I want be SAS merchant:
    - if I want be SAS merchant how much I must pay every month, how much I must pay for setup, please all info...

    4. datafeed:
    - I want use datafeed of that merchant but I have problem, one product is not in one line in CSV, first product use 23 lines...I can`t add that products in MySQL with my script, how you do that?

    For now, that is all...

    Thank you


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    Can somebody send answer to me?
    Only for questions 1 and 4!


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    You won't get many people telling you who their best merchants are. As a merchant, however, I can tell you I'm honest, and I run a decent program at shareasale, selling tarps, baseball and football field covers, truck bed covers, that sorts thing. If you are interested, check my program out at, it's under the automotive section, .
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    1. When the merchant sends us a product database update, we update the products based on the product SKU number. If the SKU is the same, only the changed field changes...such as the price.


    4. I'll have to check out that feed...

    Brian Littleton
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