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    For last month (not whole) I have this stats in my shareasale account:
    Merchant | Hits | Sales | Commission
    Pierced Body | 306 | 0 | 0
    CrazyforBargains | 269 | 7 | 10.80
    MOJO Sounds | 165 | 1 | 3.05
    Hocks.Com On-Line Pharmacy | 137 | 3 | 6.16
    Black Forest Decor | 104 | 0 | 0
    Frank Bee Stores | 100 | 1 | 0 (one sell pending)
    Darberg Stores LLC | 97 | 0 | 0 | 69 | 0 | 0
    Bonsai Boy of New York | 62 | 0 | 0 Affiliate Partner Program | 46 | 0 | 0 (too much offline)

    What you think about this stats?
    All visitors come from google direct to products (datafeeds)...I think that I must have more selles (targeted visitors)...
    Can you recommend some better merchant instead this who I use...


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    I don't think anyone will tell you a specific merchant to use. When a person finds a good merchant, they like to keep it to themselves. I will tell you this:

    Read all posts by He is the affiliate manager for and he is a wealth of knowledge. He will not give you fish, he will teach you how to fish. (sorry about the cliche')

    Hope this helps.

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    7 sales on about 1,300 clicks is not so bad. Not great, but certainly not a disaster.

    Some of those merchants you have about 60 to 70 clicks for. Who could very well get 2 or 3 sales somewhere in the range of the 80th to 90th click to them. You really need to have at least a few thousand clicks to an individual merchant to guage how well they will perform for you over time.

    My advice would be to keep up what you are doing, but with added concentration on CrazyForBargains and Hocks, who seem to be converting well for you. Over the course of time some other gems may be sifted from the sand.

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    Don't forget that many of your merchants have certain cookie durations as well...Sometimes people need some time to think before they purchase something. I know that is the case when they buy bigger ticket items like diver watches off of our site.......That is why we have a 365 day cookie.

    I also agree with Chief_Bobbit! You need quite a few clicks per program to really gauge the success of your affiliation.

    Hang in there.....7 Sales is not too bad.

    Richard Lupu
    ARA Master Watchmaker & Sons

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