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    We are looking to start an affiliate program and I was looking at Shareasale. If I use it, do the links from affiliates point directly to our web site or to Shareasale or another 3rd party?

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    shareasales affiliate links look like this
    QUOTE][ [/QUOTE]

    Where would be an individual page in the merchant's site all numbera have been changed to protect the innocent


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    I've recieved banners image directly from Shareasale merchants and hosted them on my site since apparantly Shareasale has a limit on image size.

    Banner link is to Shareasale though.

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    I see this on Shareasale's we site FAQ for merchants:

    "Since each link redirects first to the servers, and then to the Merchant's site, we are able to match up at the event of a sale or lead, with the affiliate who caused the action."

    One reason for me to conside ran affiliate program is to increase my web site's link popularity. If I use Shareasale, each link redirects to their web site first before going to my site. Does that still help with link popularity?

    thanks for all replies,




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