We will be running a new merchant program on SAS.

It will be operational before the end of the week.

The SO got back from Reno last night after meeting with the company. All is in order.

After much discussion, the program will be a straight Lead program.

Affiliate commission will be $.80 per lead.

To qualify for the lead your viewer just has to fill out a simple form and include either an email address or phone number or both. The company will verify every lead with a phone call or email.

They want a MINIMUM of 1,000 leads per month.
SAS will have twice the minimum amount on account. We have a committment for ONE year from the company.

The company is a small PUBLIC company with over $8 million in CASH and generates $30k plus per day in cash flow and is profitable.

We have been testing the program for two weeks.

Here are the results:

General NON-targetted traffic: 22 leads in 1534 visitors.

Email: General USA list: 46 leads in 1006 visitors from a 6,000 double opt-in list.

Targetted PPCSE: 13 leads in 37 visitors.

There will be a bonus program beginning in October for affiliates who do the best job.

Get 2 leads a day and 3 on Sunday and you qualify for the SAS check.

Be ready to pounce...the whole world is your oyster.