I have been through the Linesmaker website and it is really amazing. I have the few questions in regard to the affiliate program which Shareasale or the merchant can answer. I am asking these questions because it is not clear at the website about the terms.

1. When a lead is sent from our site and the user registers with your website (Linesmaker) but does not make a deposit, are affiliates still eligible to receive the comission.

2. the banners currently available are great. We are looking for a form creative which can be placed on the affiliate website which can be filled and when the user presses the submit button, he can go to the second step in your registration page from your server. This type of creative helps us in integrating the affiliate program well.

3. Will you be accepting leads from outside US aswell. We have 90% US base and the remaining 10% which is Non-US. We would like to use this market area as well.

Please get back to me soon so that i can start putting banners of the program on the website.

Thank you