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    January 17th, 2005
    Hello people!

    I live in Croatia, and I have to wait about a month after I deposit my SaS check to bank to be able to withdraw money, so I am considering alternatives.

    I have got reply from Shareasale support that in order for me to use direct deposit, I need to have US bank account.
    I checked threads in this and other forums regarding this, and only Valis International seems to be able to open US bank account without going to US personaly. Is anyone else still using their services? I can provide all documents that they are requesting, except passport (never got one as I never needed one before and it takes a lots of time to get one)
    Also, passport seems to be the most important document to open account

    Is there any other bank that I can use and does not charge $200+ to open account, and perhaps not requesting so many documents?
    Does it need to be US account? Shareasale's direct deposit is available in few more countries (Canada, UK, Australia) so maybe I will be able to find a bank from some of those countries - perhaps they don't have so many requirements.

    I also checked some banks in Croatia that have a branch in US but they don't allow it to be opened from here, as those are separate institutions (or something like that).

    Services like Ikobo are not "real" bank accounts, right?

    Can anybody help me with that? Or there is some alternative to what I wrote?
    I have spend all my cash on Google Adwords, so I need to get my commision as soon as posible to continue my successfull marketing

    (sory for my bad english)

    Marin Ivicek
    mivicek (at) inet (dot) hr

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    Well, you don't want to open a bank account in a bank which doesn't force you to show at least a passport, as I would doubt the reliability of this bank.

    If I were you I would go and apply for a passport. If you are in it for the long term, you should do it the right way.

    I'm not sure about your other questions though.

    Good luck !

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    Connecticut, CA
    I checked out the website mentioned by you and it does not look like a professional website.

    Many of the pages are not on https servers and i really doubt the validity of the bank.

    Even when the bank is a genuiene one, its services outside the US are doubtful. Its better to have Cheques rather than to test out and burn fingers trying to do this.

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    Eyal and Vijaya, thank you for your replies.
    I fixed money "problems" so I am not so desperate to get payment so fast.
    I'll get a passport as I will probably need it one day. It will take a few weeks to get it, so I will have more time to consider if I will be opening US bank account and which service I will use (there are few more banks that offer this).

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    I wish to recommend Stormpay.COM for international members to receive their commissions. I operate several MLM programs on the internet and stormpay wire transfer my funds direct to my bank account in the Caribbean. They charge $20.00 for the wire transfer and I receive funds in less than 48 hours.They charge a fee for receiving money but it worth it. Who wants to wait 30 days for checks to clear.

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    I operate several MLM programs on the internet

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