Greetings All,

I'm the new marketing director for a group of 3 ecommerce websites that offer affiliate programs with SaS. I am champoining a better relationship with our affiliates with a goal to maximize our SaS relationship. What is currently in my sites as a priority are the datafeeds.

Currently I have a process in which I can easily export our entire products list, an average of 800 items for each site. My question is, how many affiliates actually use these datafeeds and how? For instance, will most affiliates use the datafeeds to create a catalog on their site that does nothing more than link to ours for the fullfillment to happen? Or do most affiliates use datafeeds to build a storefront that take orders without the merchants involvement?

What I am struggling with here is understanding what most affiliates would rather do, link to use, or create storefronts (such as ebay) where they almost use us as the virtual dropshipper. I'm almost inclined to think that most merchants would like to create their own storefronts.

Ken Collins, Marketing Manager
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