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    January 18th, 2005
    About themselves Merchant 6048 tells us:

    "Glamour Shades launched in August. We sell $10 designer like sunglasses inspired by brand name designers such as Oakley, Ray Ban, Gucci, Armani, Chanel, Prada.
    If not satisfied, they simply return them for a full refund. Glamour Shades is building a solid customer base through superior customer service.
    We are starting this affiliate program to jumpstart sales- reserve the right to modify commision structures and plans at anytime.
    Sale Commission: 25.00 %
    Auto-Approval of Affiliates: Yes
    Last Compliance Test Completed: 09/27/2004 06:32.07 AM "

    Well... must say I was impressed.
    Joined, ordered two pairs for myself, put links everywhere, added a message with the order, told Bren-whats-his-name I was uncertain about delivery fee to Australia and assumed I would receive sep quote.(that's what he says)
    Paid thru Paypal...they acknowledged payment made, no confirmation from supplier, so I emailed GlamorShades...
    No reply.
    No reply to 5 separate messages in past week.

    Go to site to check account.
    Can't login!
    Try for password help - "Error: The E-Mail Address was not found in our records, please try again."
    OK so I blew $25.
    No big deal - I have made more serious errors in judgement in last 60 years.
    "Low funds" merchant listing ever since I placed my order - so thought perhaps you should all be warned....

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    Land of The NFL Champs!
    Not a good thing for SAS (or you).
    This World is Not My Home
    We're gonna go inside, we're gonna go outside, inside and outside. . . And then we're gonna go go go and we're not gonna stop til we get across that goalline! Quotes from the movie Rudy, 1993

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    Was I too hasty?
    Coincidence or what?
    Bren replied - very graciously and warmly and is (as yet) totally unaware of my little outburst here ...

    So maybe I have given him a serve - and with it a little harmless publicity. Bren it seems was outa town, he assures me his "low funds" thing won't happen again and the goods are on their way - and so everything might work out fine.

    Hey I'll even post again when I get my sunnies and tell you what his "first ever international customer" thinks of them.

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    Welcome to abestweb fellow Ozzie

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    G'day Oscar. G'day fellow SAS'ers...

    Happy to report the goods arrived today and I was delighted - well made cheapies, not the world's Best sunglasses by any means - but as good as anything I could buy here in Oz for twice the price and more!!!
    (Found a pair of Raybans once - yours aren't noticeably different!)
    Ten bucks a pair???

    Excellent job of packing, respectable delivery time too, when one considers the distance travelled for a mere five dollars!!!

    So Bren all is forgiven, sorry for behaving like a skeptical affiliate... I now have no hesitation in recommending that anyone looking for a sincere merchant can consider as having fulfilled their part of the bargain and you helped maintain my confidence in the affiliate process.
    Hey Bren - if you're watching(?) what happened with the "low funds" deal? You said you would attend to it but there's been no change...

    Maybe you, like me to start with - are concerned about the system?
    Don't be ... SAS R the good guys and your affiliate membership count will increase if they all see you're "Online".

    Another lil error to bring to people's attention
    - Noticed the banner images in some cases have a spelling mistake... "N" instead of M in the spelling of both "Glanour" and "Con" instead of ".com"

    enough from me for now -

    regards... Colin

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