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    So, I checked SaS today, although I haven't been selling much through them lately and I found something confusing.

    For one of my merchants, it lists one number (a NICE number) under commissions, "2" under sales, and 1 under manual credits.

    BUT when I click on the "View" under sales, it only lists one sale and a much smaller commission amount, which is all that has shown up in my balance.

    Am I missing something? Is the manual credit a weird form of reversal? Is one of the sales just not showing up in the detail and balance yet? I couldn't seem to find a help page to deal with this.

    Thanks all!

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    Hello there, Manual credits are when something went wrong on tracking and the merchant gave you credit because you referred the sale.

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    Sometimes it comes through with a sale amount of $0.00 and we have to credit it manually. Also there are phone orders that we have to credit for manually.

    It could even be a large order that someone returned a few items on. So the sale amount has to be lowered.

    We have lots of customers that will order 2 sizes and return the one that does not fit. This problem is mainly with shoes. They are doing it now with the costumes to make sure they have one that fits for Halloween.

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    > Manual credits are when something went wrong on tracking and the merchant gave you credit because you referred the sale.

    That's basically it.

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