Just a heads up for anyone using the FTP feeds.

I just started using the FTP site to get my feeds from SAS (which is MUCH better than the split files format BTW) but I have run into a problem.

Currently, I have 2 merchants set up for this feature, and both of them have incorrect pricing in their feeds. I contacted one of these merchants and received a reply that there was nothing wrong with the feed, but possibly a problem with a "column in a spreadsheet or database that is holding the price is set to "floating point" (or equivalent) instead of a 2 point decimal."

I believe them on this, because you can check the product links and the prices are correct, but when you check the file from the FTP site (I even checked it in notepad instead of excel) several of the prices were off by 1¢ and others had the last digit missing ie. 199.9 instead of 199.98.

I checked my other merchant and, sure enough, the same pricing errors appear in that feed as well.