I am looking to help a company that I know that just got involved in the Shareasale program.

Because they do not do state or value omits or anything like that it is harder for them to really make as much per lead as some other merchants do. This is especially true because they do not database and sell the lists or contact information except to the lenders they work with, which cuts off another potential revenue stream.

Beacuse I work with many manufacturers I talked to the people at Shareasale about perhaps putting some links on the the Thank you page (after lead submittal).

I know some people do this already but I wanted to do something that created new potential revenue streams for the people we work with - and not require them to do any other work. Basically to increase the value of working with us and of course to hopefully increase the amount of money the affliates make with us.

I got the companies to agree to pay a certain percentage out to the affliates should a sale arise from that effort (we are looking at a modified trouble-ticket system here initially to start this). It is not really anything we would make any money on but we want to increase the potential payout to the affliates and therefore give the affliates a bit more incentive to work with us vs some other company in that space. I think it will be effective.

Question though in whether affilates would care about something like this? Would something like this matter in their decision making process? Because this is not a sale by them we have to bring a salesperson in from the manufacturer to work with the customer and therefore have to compensate that salesperson for their time - but I imagine $200-$300 for a hottub sale they did no work on is certainly a nice bonus regardless, or something similar.

Currently I am talking with some deck companies, a hot tub company and a few other manufacturers that it seems a good fit for since people that refinance homes obviously OWN homes.

Can I get some feedback on concerns or things I should be aware of? It is for the www.bestloandirect.com campaign but the final negotiations thank you page will be helped by your feedback to make something like this easier and more acceptable for the affiliates.

Michael Kelly