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    The affiliate formerly known as ojmoo
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    January 18th, 2005
    A few weeks ago I complained about a new merchant that decided to create an affiliate program in late November. Anyway, I said it was too late, but since it worked perfectly with my dog gift site, IU took the time to make product links (this took a while since they don't have a datafeed). Anyway, took me about a week to put up about 1000 pages and I was very much surprised that this merchant sold so well. It took a couple weeks for the first sale as the links went up and the bots did thier rounds. But I made 32 sales with them since November 26th.

    So now I look at the reports and I find out that they are temporarily offline. They actually sold well, they are picking up steam an in less than 3 weeks they forget to pay shareasale. It it happened after December 25th then I suppose it wouldn't matter much, but come on this is the heart of the season. If you didn't want to make money you could have just skipped it.

    End of rant.


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    notary sojac Herb ԿԬ's Avatar
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    January 18th, 2005
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    so . . . you've already sent them a nastygram, right?

    seems like it becomes our responsibility to ask the merchants what their intentions are in cases like this.

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    ShareASale President/CEO and ABW Veteran Brian - ShareASale's Avatar
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    January 18th, 2005

    send me the name of the merchant, I will have a chat with them about it.

    Brian Littleton
    President/CEO -, Inc.

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    Anytime you see a new merchant who is not on auto replenish, email them and ask them to get on it or you won't put them up. Or you'll continually run the risk of having these sort of problems.

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    The affiliate formerly known as ojmoo
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    January 18th, 2005
    Thanks Brian,

    But they seem to have gotten their act together, I guess it was my nasty email that did it

    I'm sure it'll be fine from now on, I was just mad because I had to rush to get my links up, took me 25 hours over 8 or 9 days to get them up. Nothing is more boring that making 1000+ product links without a datafeed. Them boom a few weeks later when sales are coming in nicely they was down.

    I'll assume it just just a mistake on their part and everyone deserves one mistake, so no need to talk to them. Well not until a second mistake anyway.


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