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    I've been with SAS 2 or 3 weeks now and I've yet to have any commissions on anything other than SAS directly, so I have no idea if this is a problem in other programs.

    I've had like 4 affiliates signup and 1 merchant signup. The problem is, some are turning up as duplicate transactions (2 of the 4 affiliates showed up twice, and the merchant showed up 3 times, which led to my "New Merchants" thread the other day).

    Is this something in SAS causing this, or am I just sending only people who sign up more than once? I could understand the occasional oops, but this is becoming a trend.

    I ask because I don't want some fraud label appearing on my head all of a sudden. But it's not my doing.

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    If you can send your account info and question to someone will be able to look up your account and see if there is any problem, etc...

    Brian Littleton
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