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    I think the merchant I'm working with isn't giving me credit for all my sales... I had a highly targeted promotion on Dec. and had 50 sales out of 6,500 clicks!!! which is a CR of 0.008 with a EPC of $8...

    I ran a test order yesterday afternoon after following the link from my site. I didn't see the order added to my Transactions report so I cancelled it this evening.

    I think something is fishy is going on and I don't know how to handle it... Does anyone know who I should contact... cj or the aff. manager?

    Also, who updates the transaction reports... CJ or the advertiser? Does the advertiser just let CJ know how many sales that an affiliate made...? Or is there false-negatives set up so they can't screw you...

    Thanks for your time.


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    far far away....
    your problem is common... does the program we are discussing have leaks on their website... banner,toll-free number, etc...

    this is where your sales are going... if their is a toll free number that is where your sales went... many merchants dont understand that a toll-free number is an asset for customer service... it's the kiss of death for affilaite sales... especially if it's on the top of the website.

    I always kringe when I see a toll-free number at the top of a merchants site... even if they pay commissions on toll free orders... you are going to get credit for 1/2 of those sales if you get any credit at all...

    many customers write down the toll free number and call later... not realizing they need a "special ordercode" our affilaite ID... so when they call the service center they dont have a code# you dont get credit... maening the merchant doesnt pay a commission.

    OK, all you merchants who have toll free numbers... before you dump on me... just know this is my experience... over 10 years of online marketing.


    PS> I bet ya a "donut" donutclub that if we compared notes we'd find we both had the same experience with the same merchant!
    that's my2cents, 'cuz I'm a legend in my own mind....

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    May I ask who's the Merchant?

    What COC stand for? Crooks Overwriting Commission
    Don't worry tracking is Infected

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    Make a test order and return it, don't cancel it.
    Let the whole process be completed and see if it registers.
    I am having a problem with one merchant now, thankfully I don't do much business with them.
    Sometimes you have to stay on top of them.
    Test purchases need to be done regularly if there is any question at all.

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    When making test purchases for tracking Always hit "view source" on the "thank you" page and Save a Copy of this page.

    There should be a tracking "img" on this page (if the merchant does not batch) that looks something like this:

    <img src="" height="1" width="1" border="0">

    If you can't find this tracking img your sale will probably not track. Even if it's on there it Still may not track.

    If your sale does not show up, contact AAQ on CJ AND the Merchant (thru email) Tell them the URL & which link you clicked through to the Merchant that you made the test purchase. You can give other information like exact time and date of the purchase, etc. Attach a Copy of the "view source" of the "Thank You" page & a copy of your email receipt If you got one.

    The CJ CS Should check your link to make sure your cookies are setting properly. Make sure you advise CJ that you contacted the Merchant regarding this sale.

    If you hear Nothing back from the Merchant within 3 days, hit the "update" button on the original AAQ. Tell CJ you've had No contact from the Merchant -- and request assistance from CJ Cust. Service. Continue requesting assistance until you have been credited for the sale AND also keep bugging them as to Why the sale did not track (CJ will give you the "sometimes sales just don't track, there's no "real explanation")

    But, You should get credit for the Test purchase, and you may find out that your link is not "proper" Or, you may find out the Merchant has done something to the tracking pixel, Or you may be left completely bewildered as to why the sale didn't track... One of those "internet" mysteries.

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    Well its not 100% always merchants fault. It could be your computer (parasites), your internet connection (failed to link with server), merchants server failure etc. There are som many things what could happen.
    Contact your merchant and work it out.
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    Thanks for the tip (hitting view source at the thank you page & rest of post too) gettnthar, very helpful.
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