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    Is it possible to program videogames using javascipt without buying any software? also how do img rollovers work?

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    Don't know about the videogames question .

    As for the m'overs ... you basically have an image as the default then when the mouse goes over it it changes to a second one then back to the first one when you move the mouse from the link ... here is a line of code so you can see it ...

    <pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre">&lt; !--Button Number 1--&gt;
    onmouse over ="lighten('name0')"
    onmouse out ="darken('name0')"
    onmouse down ="darken2('name0')"
    onmouse up ="darken('name0')"

    The variables are set in the head tag

    An easy tool make them is


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