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    There is a site that I'm working on, but don't know if I want to set it up on it's own domain. My question is, with services like and I correct in assuming that they actually use a frame. I will be adding this site under a subdirectory of our master account. I'm leary about it getting spidered, etc if all of these DNS services use a frame...any thoughts?

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    It's been a while since I did that, and you are correct about it using frames. I believe the search engines don't penalize anymore for using redirect frames but I have been wrong before. Make sure you have meta tags set up on the redirect page at When I used Domaindirects redirect service they had a function where I could edit and add keywords to the meta tags that would be shown in the redirect page. Then I would put the same meta tags on the main.html page( don' know if that helped but did it anyway)

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    Domino...It is the keywords that that I'm worried about. Each page has it's own seperate keywords for the content on that page. If I'm doing a redirect, I worry that the SE's won't pick up the keywords on each page, only the keywords I set up through

    Tom Pyles

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    I found that it is best not to use redirects if you plan on some search engine optimization. I don't know about the dynamics involved but thru experience I've had better results with unique ips.

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