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    Me and my beginner CGI questions again [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

    1) I have a file named (I'm starting to bore myself) "file.txt" and I don't want it to become largaer than let's say 20kb.

    If it reaches 20kb the content of this file should be deleted so the file is empty again.

    How do I do this in CGI?

    2) How do I make redirection in CGI? I tried this:

    $JUMP_TO = ';
    print "Location: $JUMP_TO\n\n";

    but get a "302" ERROR (Even the server log sais nothing else than 302 error).

    Where am I going wrong?


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    Are you able to run a cron job on your server. If so, you could have this thing delete on any given day at any give time. You wouldn't be able to do it based on size, but if it takes 1 month for your file to get that big, you could cron it to delete on the 1st of everymonth, etc.

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