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    Is there a way to convert an existing Access product database to MySQL without a lot of grief? I think there are some scripts that will do this on the server but I need to do the actual conversion locally before uploading it because it is going to a Linux server.


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    OK I found the answer (finally). I realize my Q has gone unanswered because there really isn't(or wasn't) a decent answer to what I was trying to do.

    I finally found this - it's beta shareware and apparently new - that does just this - it's called Access2MySQL and is available here:
    I used it to convert a product/merchant Access db to MySQL, opened up the new MySQL db in MySQLgui to verify and it exported perfectly. Very sweet and at $35 I will definitely be buying it.

    I'm sure this info will be of use to someone else here as many people who've got MySQL on their hosting accounts are more comfortable working with the MS Access interface than MySQLgui.

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