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    does anyone know the code for double redirect using php?

    for a single redirect is

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    This does not work
    Header ("Location:");
    Header ("Location:");
    because the header Location is being overwritten since it only outputs one of each header tag.

    One way is to redirect to site1, and then have that page redirect to site2. (eg, have a header Location: on site 2 as well).

    Do you need to hit a page before sending the visitor to another page?

    You could call the first page with an fopen, and then redirect to the second (& final) page.
    One drawback with this method is that the first page is hit with your IP, and your script as the referrer, so if it's for tracking purposes, it probably won't work.

    Another question: why do you need to do two redirects? Surely just redirecting to the final page should be sufficient.

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