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    I am currently using a perl script to handle my from input.

    This script uses sendmail to send emails to the recipient based on checkboxes being checked.

    Now what I need to do is write each submitted email to a .txt or .csv file.

    I want to add a (input type=hidden name="acheckbox" value="acheckbox" checked) to my existing form.

    ( = <
    ) = >

    I then need to add the perl sub-routine to my script to coincide with that hidden value.

    Does anyone know the code I need to add to the perl script?


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    January 17th, 2005
    I am a bit confused on what you need, but I think this will work:

    I haven't used Perl in a while, but this should work:

    <pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre">
    #Alter this
    $the_path = "/path/to/your/dir";
    $the_file = "yourfile.csv";
    $write_this = "$email and what else you want
    to write to the file";
    #End Alter
    $the_file = "&gt;&gt;" . $the_file;
    open(FILE1, $the_file);
    print FILE1 $write_this;

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