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    I need to find out how to track the movements of clients as they click on affilate links. I want to know specifically who clicks on an affilate link off my site and preforms a given task on a merchant site. Is this a software issue or CGI or do I need to sign up with the "right" affilate program to get this information returned to me???...can anyone point me in the right direction?
    Thanks :confused:

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    Once they leave your site, the only way to (partially) track them is through using SID info in your links. (with CJ anyway).
    You still can't see what they purchased, but at least you can tie that back to your session info with referring URL, IP etc.

    As for other providers.. you have to go out on a limb & believe for a few weeks (until you see sales) that they will report.

    Good luck [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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    Thanks Pete,

    That is very helpful. Can I ask you one more question--since I am completely new to this--when the programs report sales would I then have enough info (providing I capture visitors IP and information on my site) to know made purchases? Just wondering, all the programs have links to reports which dont seem to exsist until you are making sales.

    Thanks again

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