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    Is it possible in any way to track the number of keystrokes that a visitor uses to complete a form. Trying to determine if a visitor is using a form filler type program or if they are manually typing everything in.

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    I'm just curious as to why you would want to know that?<IMG src=>

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    Same here. Why in the world would it matter? In addition, you will be facing an ethical if not legal dilemma by using code designed to do that if it exists. Quite frankly, what happens before I hit that submit button is none of your business.

    PS - I can just hear an ambulance chasin attorney gettin all excited about this one. That type of code has court date written all over it. I would think again about using something like that if it exists. Just my 2 cents and nothing more.

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    It is not possible, at least not with standard HTML forms using the HTTP protocol. The browser only transfers the content of the form to the server. It does not transfer any information on how the content was created.

    It might be possible with a Java applet but certainly not with standard HTML forms.

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