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    I have programming experice but "very little" in Javascript.

    I recently piecemealed a script that warns users of parasites installed on their computer by way of a popunder and since installing the script, I've had my site lock up or slow down significantly 4 times in 6 days (and I never had problems prior to installing the script).

    I tried posting the script here earlier but since it has cookie code in it the post failed. So lets discuss it first. If you're intersted place a note and I'll email it to you.

    Their are two potions to the script:
    1) This section is included on every page so it doesn't matter where the user comes in - I'm testing them.

    a) It looks for a session cookie and if present gets out.
    b) If cookie not present parasites are checked for (same code as used at and if present, a popunder is given to a custom page instead of text being written out to page.

    2) The popunder page gives basic info concerning parasites and then re-executes the code inspecting for parasites but it does write out the text this time. (no session cookie is looked at here)

    Can their be possible timing issues with the session cookie being inspected for on all users over and over or something else?

    Obviously, this may be totally coincidental with the issues I'm having on my host but not understanding stress related issues with session cookies and or javascript I sure wanted to ask. In the interum, I have pulled the script from being included on pages and will see if my host problems stop.

    Any ideas or suggestions?


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    Javascript is run locally on the users machine not your server, so even a badly written script should have no effect. Are you sure it is your server locking up and not your browser?

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    You mentioned session cookies....How are you doing this? Still in JS or another language?


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    Thanks for the info on javascript being run locally.

    As far as session cookie, "I believe it is" and if not it certainly acts as one. The cookie itself is associated with the javascript code as part of the document cookie index functionality.

    Since cookies are stored locally, I'm assuming more and more it wasn't my script causing the problems. I was worried about a possible memory leak or something like that on the server cause it was after a day or so that it happened every time. The ending result of the error caused an error with unable to find the dns info. And that was not just for my machine - it was across all of the internet.

    What do you think? Put the script back on? It's been off two days now and no problems. I think I'll wait another day and then try again.

    Thanks for your input.

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