How I can apply to this program, I`m from Bosnia and I have site on english language and also I have over 90% USA visitors but when I apply to this program I`m automatically declined and this is not all I`m declined from much other programs and I think this is not OK, I`m not welcome to this program and much other only because I`m from Bosnia, why?
How my country can be problem? This is not pay per lead program or pay per click program and I can`t cheat you mens!!!

All good programs reserved only for webmasters from USA? That is ok?

If I want use this and much other programs first I must contact owner and wait few days or months for answer and be happy If owner want send answer to somebody from Bosnia and if he want accept somebody from Bosnia!

This is not only for cj, same case on sharesale, fastclick don`t want accept my account and much more cases!!!

How I can work in this fu*** world?