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    I'm sure Arcadius really would like to know about Ticket programs on CJ --

    I haven't been on CJ that long, and so I'm wondering about other people's experiences with ticket brokers. 250+ clicks today on my TicketsNow links, around 270 yesterday, but no sales! BuySellTix links haven't fared any better. I'm wondering what the deal is here.

    Arcadius, are you using Pay Per Click? Or are the clicks organic SE --

    I was doing Really Well with a CJ tickets program OpenSeats then all of a sudden they stopped tracking. I changed to an indy program and commissions tripled. BUT, I was getting Organic Search Engine Traffic from both Google and Inktomi.

    Then Google decided to hate my site, so commissions dropped by half. I tried Pay Per Click, including Google & Overture and Got Nothing.

    Now, Inktomi dropped my site too -- I had it with their old pay for inclusion program and it did well. When that expired, so did All of my URL's.

    So, Ticket programs can perform well with CJ if tracking is working and you're getting Organic Search Engine traffic.

    It Is a problem testing the tracking with Ticket Programs -- Tickets are Expensive!

    Hope this helps

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    My visitors come through organic SE -- mostly Google, some Yahoo, some from other SE. I used Google PPC for a while about a month ago until I realized how expensive it can get...and I was doing well enough with my organic listings.

    I realize that tickets can be quite expensive on ticket broker sites, but the thing is I've been doing better with the ebay link to tickets - even through the ebay tickets are around the same price! Unfortunately, the ebay commission I get is $12 for a successful bid, unlike the 7% or more I would get through an actual ticket broker.

    What I wonder is whether places like TicketsNow record a sale at the point tickets are secured and sent out, rather than at the point a person submits CC information. I think that not all tickets listed on ticket broker sites are tickets "in hand".

    -Arcadius (not a ticket broker expert)

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