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    Will someone please be kind enough to give me the top three or four lines of a perl script that will enable me to transfer from a datafeed to a html page?
    I have got a couple of books on perl (O-Reilly's) but I think it is going to take me a lifetime to learn starting from scratch. I cannot even access a datafeed file yet.

    All I would need (I think) is the lines that enable me to access the datafeed and a couple of products on a datafeed file that the script will work with (just so I can see the layout and delimiters etc.) I think that would make it much easier to learn. Thanks in advance.

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    O' Reilly's, Brrrrr...

    I read a few excerpts of their books. Ugh, not made simple at all!!

    So I decided to check an excerpt of a book of theirs about something I already knew quite a bit of: HTML. I figured that I should be able to walk right through any book about *that*, since I know a fair bit about it already.

    Same, they make it (HTML) seem like some kind of high science!

    Try finding a book from another place. There's GOT to be simpler ones than O'Reilly's, based on the excerpts I've read.

    (I can't give you the code snippet since I don't know Perl either, but I do remember my opinion that those O'Reilly books wouldn't help me learn it...)

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    I agree with Leader on this one. IMHO, the best book to learn Perl from scratch - the right way without losing your mind - is Damien Conway's Object-Oriented Perl. It is available in print and also by download posted elsewhere in this forum. That in one hand, and a copy of any basic Perl tutorial in the other, IMHO will have you off to a good start without having to learn all kinds of outdated spaghetti code.

    It's only fair I let you know that a lot of people will disagree with me on it.

    IMHO you'd be better off with PHP/MySQL ... but if you've got someone to help you learn Perl that is *good*, it's more important IMHO to have the teacher.

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    I think Oreilly's book, Learning Perl, is the best computer book I ever read. If you want to learn basic perl, go through the whole book, cover to cover.

    If the first chapter is still called " a stroll through perl", I suggest you skim it and go to chapter 2. That is where the book really begins. Chapter 1 is designed to give you an overview of Perl and can be really intimidating. It is a flaw in the book; I remember busting my butt trying to learn chapter one. It got real easy during chapter 2.

    My 2.5 cents.

    makin' money

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