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    Hi, does anybody know why FP2000 sometimes won't save the image dimensions when the dimensions are clicked in the pic properties? When FP won't save the dimensions, the only way I can get it to save the dimensions is to go to the html view and add a space and then delete a space somewhere in the image tag.

    What I mean by FP not saving the w x h is that I click the image dimensions in the image properties. I click okay and close the properties box. I reopen the box, and the dimensions are there (or sometimes not). But when they are there, I check the code and see the w x h dimensions there. I save the page. I reopen the file and the w x h dimensions are gone. They sometimes disappear when I close and then reopen the file. All of the pages come off the same templates, but I get problem pages with this problem sometimes.

    A wierd thing also is when the dimensions are there and don't disappear, sometimes they won't show in the image properties box.

    The worst this is when something happens in some pages, all of the img w x h properties are lost. I don't know what causes this to happen? But my web was originally imported from FP98 to FP2000 and was very unstable and had a lot of problems. When I got MS Office2000 Pro, I created a new web and copied the files over and this seemed to have cleared the FP98 and 2000 compatability issues. But when I got XP Pro, FP crashes and has to "end the program" a lot. I ran the FP auto repair which does nothing.

    Does anybody know if XP could be causing the FP problems, or if you know what is causing the FP image dimension problems, which didn't exist prior to XP. Any suggestions for clearing the problems? Would upgrading to XP Office be better?

    Many thanks,

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    I heard from some webmaster that FP 2000 and FP2000 server extensions both have to be updated with the latest patches to work properly. I stuck with FP98 and it seems to work in all aspects on even FP 2002 server extensions. Only thing that got screwed up was I can no longer use FP Express for quick edits if the host has FP2002 extensions.

    Might be Bill gates way of weasling some money out of older MS application users/

    WebMaster Mike

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