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    Can some kind person tell me how to put a single line border around tables. I am using Dreamweaver and if I set border to 1 it gives a thick line. I want just a thin black outline.

    Thanks in advance

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    I haven't done bordered tables in a while but I just opened up DW and checked it out.

    Putting the table border to "1" is indeed the way BUT--it also puts a border around the individual cells. Where the cell border meets the table border, it looks thick. (Even if you only have one cell, it puts a border around that AND the actual can easily see that it does that if you test with a cell that's smaller than the table itself.)

    To negate this effect, set the cell border color to white (or whatever color your background color is, so the cell border becomes invisible against it). Then you should see a thin line around the table only, and not the cell(s).

    Also it seems that you will have to set the *table* border color to Black or you will get gray instead.


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    Brilliant, thanks - works a treat

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    Here is another way.... Also works to place a 1 pixel line around the whole page too!

    <.TABLE cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=0 align=center valign=top bgcolor="#003366" border=0>
    <.TR><.TD bgcolor=white>
    Your stuff!

    Set 1st table cellspacing to the number of pixels you want the border to be, and also the bgcolor to desired border color.

    Your data goes in the embedded table. Remove the "." from the "<." in segment above.

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    To put a thin line just around the table, just do is this in your table tag:

    <* table style="border: 1px solid blue" *>

    change blue to whatever color you want.

    If you just want it on the sides:

    <* table style="border-right: 1px solid blue; border-left: 1px solid blue" *>

    Makes a nice, thin border.


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    1px transparent graphic is a great way to do it. In Dreamweaver, it's a little strange. Think of it this way,in WYSIWYG mode:

    <LI>Put columns on either side of the box
    <LI>Color the cells in the column the way you want your border to look
    <LI>Put a 1x1 pixel transparent gif in each cell in the column
    <LI>Next, add a row to the top of you box, and a row to the bottom too.
    <LI>Color the rows the way you want your border to look.
    <LI>Place those magic 1x1 Pixel gifs in each of the cells in your new rows.
    <LI>Last, resize the rows and columns to 1px wide (or high) by dragging the lower border on rows (right border on columns).

    You will probably want to go and check the code itself, to make sure the rows and columns are all at 1px. Dreamweaver has a habit of making them 2 pixels when you drag them out front. Remember to put a 1x1 pixel gif in every cell you want to control this way.

    Hope this helps.

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    I like to desing my own line and just make another column in the table. If you would like to see what I am talking about visit my home page and at the top between the games I have a vertical holly bar to seperate the games and descriptions. I just create a table that is 5 columns wide and use three of them for games and two of them for the spacer graphic. Hope this helps for you.

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