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    Ok... I'll try not to be too long winded. Here's what I need to know:

    I find myself with a need to:

    1) have gifs that reside on my web site accessed by other web sites. I think I can figure this out myself but if anyone wants to recap, great.

    2) count how many times these gifs are displayed on another web site (impressions).

    3) how many times click-thru's occur. I have a unique key each of these other web sites will pass in the link.

    I think that's it. Is there anything else I should care about? (Don't you love those open-ended questions?)

    If anyone has a utility that does this (obviously some modifications would be needed) that would be great. Hate to sound like an amature but I work best in VB. I can hobble through JAVA but it's not my forte. Iam running an access database if that matters.

    Any help would be appreciated.



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    Have you found the tool necessary to complete this task yet? If not, we are launching a new software product February 07, 2003 that will easily track this exact need. Team

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    You can get impression data on images shown on other sites (and clickthrough information) by using common (and free) webserver log munchers, provided you have access to the server logs, of course...
    You could also pick something out of a GPL'd package that does this already (including clickthrough tracking), for example, banner.php from phpNuke.

    There are also quite a few separate ad management packages available online, for example:

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